Aquaponic and Hydroponic Produce – The Many Health Benefits

The many health benefits Picture for a moment that you are sitting outside on a clear day with a light breeze cooling your face. You are surrounded by the bright greens of beautiful, healthy plants and vegetables. It suddenly occurs to you: “Why is there lettuce growing from slats on a horizontal board and several […]

Wayang Goleks – A Unique Memory of Indonesian Culture

WAYANG GOLEKS More Than Just a Unique Souvenir A Piece of Indonesian Culture If you have ever visited the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali, you would have likely seen puppets, known as wayang in Indonesian, for sale as a distinctive gift or a holiday memento. One of the most popular available for purchase in […]

Ingham and Asian Reflexology – What are the differences

Let’s learn more about Ingham and Asian reflexology treatments because did you know that for most people, the feet are the most sensitive part of the body? They daily take a severe beating as they support our entire body weight. Furthermore, most people walk around every day on unforgiving surfaces…… hot, cold, wet, dry, rocky, […]

A Strawberry Facial – Their Exfoliating and Anti-Aging Properties

Pretty much everyone loves strawberries and increasingly a strawberry facial. For sugar lovers, they possess all the sweetness without the guilt. They happily adorn desserts with their vibrant red color. Many shades of lipstick are named after them. Coated with decadent chocolate they embrace the concept of love, especially on Valentine’s Day. And they are ever so adorable with […]

Vegan Chocolate Scrub – The Delights and Benefits

Interested in what a Vegan Chocolate Scrub is all about?  Well, let me tell you a true story.  A friend recently became a vegan and as a newcomer, she had questions about exactly what foods were indeed 100% plant-based. As a lifelong chocolate addict, her first question was could she still eat chocolate. She was […]

How to Get Inspired and Stay Motivated Every Day

Do you wake up every morning ready to tackle the day with enthusiasm? For many people this does not happen as the realities of daily life have a way of sneaking up on you to damper your natural zest for life. There is abundant advice about how to retain your motivation, including classics such as […]

Gluten Free Dining in Bali – Not to Be Missed

Say Goodbye to Wheat Wave Hello to Health In its various stages of growth, wheat fields are a glorious sight…. vibrant green stalks fluttering in the breeze evolving into an earthy straw color as harvest time draws closer. Yet, when most people think about wheat they envision a toasted sandwich with yummy fillings or a plate of steaming pasta smothered […]

Rudrashka – It’s Story and Spiritual Benefits

Rudrashka are natural seeds found within the vibrant blue fruit of large evergreen, broad-leaved trees which are indigenous to the Himalayas across India and Nepal. It also flourishes in other areas of Southeast Asia, where the volcanic soil is conducive to its growth. In Sanskrit, the plural of Rudraksha is Rudraksham. The name literally means […]

Balance Your Life with Chakra Jewelry with Gemstones

Feeling stressed and out-of-sorts? What can you do to naturally regain control of your life? More and more people are looking back to the past to find ways to optimize their today, specifically chakra jewelry with gemstones. One such method is truly ancient, dating back to the ancient Egyptians who used crystals to ward off […]

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE BASICS Just like dining out at a new restaurant, choosing which massage or spa treatment is best for you can be fairly overwhelming.  The menu is often quite extensive and even confusing for inexperienced spa-goers, especially when you see something strange like lymphatic drainage massage or myofascial release therapy. Balinese Massage is the […]