Taksu is a uniquely Balinese word that does not easily translate into other languages. It conveys an indescribable moment that brings you in touch with something joyful and timeless. It is used to describe both a once in a lifetime peak experience and the striving to be prepared for that moment. It is deeply personal, immediately recognizable and impossible to describe. A moment of clear alignment and connection of body, mind, spirit experiencing all of life.

Pt. Taksu Kirana, known more commonly as Taksu Spa & Restaurants, is a jungle paradise in the Heart of Ubud.

It features a world class Spa and Wellness Center, Yoga Classes, Restaurant, Event and Workshop Spaces, and now the Taksu Galeria, a multi-level showcase of Indonesian-designed and crafted art and fashion, food court and spa salon.

With a collective 90 years of experience in the wellness sector, combined with the deep wisdom of Indonesia’s healing culture and a multi-national staff offering cutting-edge wellness modalities and personalized yoga instruction, we pride ourselves on consistently exceeding guest expectations, always striving to provide the very best for our customers.


We strive to share moments of Taksu with our guests, community and staff.

It’s our mission to present an exceptional experience to culturally creative travelers through fresh, natural, organic cuisine; the finest destination spa offerings; personalized holistic practices; and extraordinary, locally made products, so our guests can feel Taksu’s love and gratitude for the people and environment of Bali.

Terima Kasih