How to Get Inspired and Stay Motivated Every Day

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Do you wake up every morning ready to tackle the day with enthusiasm? For many people this does not happen as the realities of daily life have a way of sneaking up on you to damper your natural zest for life. There is abundant advice about how to retain your motivation, including classics such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, meditation, and a harmonious mixture of work and play. We have all read about it, heard it and steadfastly tried to live by these tried and true goalposts.  Yet, sometimes we need to assess how to get inspired, and stay that way forever.

Yet, sometimes even these are just not enough. So how to get inspired? Here a few simple ways you can use that will motivate and inspire, even on the dreariest day.

  • According to Meghan Markle, American TV star and new wife of Britain’s Prince Harry, running is a great form of moving meditation which gives her greater mental clarity. Even with time restraints, a quick run with her dog gives her the mind-body connection so essential to stay inspired. Running has long been associated with physical health, but is increasingly known for its ability to calm the mind. It must really work as Meghan was able to captivate one of the most desired bachelors in the world!
  • A classic that even Oprah Winfrey uses is a vision board that helps to manifest your dreams into reality. All you need to start with is a piece of poster or foam board, and then place pictures of how you see yourself in the future on them. These can be cut out from magazines, so a vision board is an inexpensive and in-your-face means to remind yourself daily of your personal goals.
  • Another popular how to get inspired method is daily affirmations or positive sentences that you repeat to yourself. They are to the mind what exercise is to the body. Essentially they empower you to replace your “I cant’s” with “I can’s”, and your fears and doubts with confidence and certainty. With regular repetition, they reshape your beliefs to give you a more positive perception about yourself and the society that you live in. They are a simple and effective way to not only manifest a goal, but to live a life full of positive energy and gratitude.If you are interested in learning more about the power of positive affirmations, here is an educational article.
  • Tapping is a new trend in stress reduction. It facilitates tappers to enhance their ability to stay focused. It is based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. It is easy to do on your own in your home for free. Watch this video to learn how to rewire the brain to respond in healthier ways.


If you are looking for intuitive sparks of inspiration for dealing with life look no further than cards. They are super easy to use and the positive effects take virtually no time to kick in. What’s not to love about that combination in these days of trying to meet work deadlines and manage your personal life at the same time!

Add the beautiful island of Bali to the equation and you have a sure fire way to recharge those batteries every day. I found all of these motivational tools at central Ubud’s Taksu Galeria on Jalan Hanoman.

  • Who isn’t inspired by flowers? Beth Bell has been taking flower photos for years as she fell in love with their vibrant colors and delicacy. Yet she was also impressed with their natural capacity to endure. The result is a collection of her images with a divine truth on the front and a complementary affirmation on the back. So just pick one up every morning as you are leaving the house and kick butt for the rest of the day! Feeling a bit down, then take three with you. They will provide guidance to an unanswered question or situation…….. lifting a heavy load of stress from you. Another easy solution to the how to get inspired question.
  • Feeling like a game of chance? Pick an Insightful Reflections question card with an answer card to provoke thoughts you may never have dreamed of before.
  • Bali and especially Ubud is famous for the high standards and imagination of its painters. People travel to Ubud just to select a few paintings from boutique art galleries lined along many of its narrow gangways. Bali Blessing cards are miniature replicas of these awesome paintings, so that you can take back so much more with you than one or two paintings. Each one has its own inspirational statement on the back. Put them in a bowl and collect one a day. The set even comes with a book to explain how each painting and words are connected. This is a special way to remember Bali and stay plugged into your dreams at the same time.

So if you have been asking yourself how to get inspired and stay in that mode, then look no futher than the Taksu Galeria.

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