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Interested in what a Vegan Chocolate Scrub is all about?  Well, let me tell you a true story.  A friend recently became a vegan and as a newcomer, she had questions about exactly what foods were indeed 100% plant-based. As a lifelong chocolate addict, her first question was could she still eat chocolate. She was relieved when it was explained that chocolate comes from cacao beans grown on cacao trees, so indeed it fits the criteria. As she sighed with relief, I had to give her a reality check. In the journey from the tree to the grocery store, additives such as milk, sugar, cocoa butter and milk fat are used to enhance the chocolate’s flavor. The result is that not all chocolate in its processed form is vegan! Her smile vanished! For example, most milk chocolate contains milk ingredients, although if you search carefully you can find some made from a rice, almond or other plant-based milk. However, most chocolate sweets are made from dairy-based milk chocolate, so reading the ingredients is important if you want to remain on a strictly vegan diet.

Her smile quickly returned though when I explained that most dark chocolate is vegan, especially for those with a high proportion of cacao, pure ingredients and few additives. Their prices tend to be higher, but once the chocolate enters your taste zone, you won’t regret it. Fortunately, vegan dark chocolate is readily found these days, so vegans who are chocolate lovers need not despair!


Chocolate body scrubs have been popular for a while now, yet my former meat-eating, converted vegan friend was confused about the advantages of a vegan scrub. It is actually quite logical, but I patiently described why a vegan chocolate scrub is so much better in many respects.

Firstly, almost all vegan chocolate does not contain any harsh chemicals. It is a completely natural way to exfoliate, nourish and moisturize the skin. Plant-based scrubs are particularly effective for those with sensitive skin as it is gentle, yet powerful enough to aid in renewing cells.

Secondly, even most meat eaters do not want to be part of unnecessary animal cruelty. By choosing a vegan chocolate scrub you are assured that there have been no animals used to test products. This in itself will make your skin feel all that much better.

Thirdly, the caffeine in chocolate stimulates blood circulation which serves to revitalize and firm skin. Who wants to observe signs of premature ageing such as wrinkles, age spots and fine lines? Chocolate is just the magic elixir to retain youthful skin.

Fourthly, chocolate is a known source of antioxidants and we all love those free radical killers.

Fifthly, the cocoa butter found in vegan chocolate is full of natural emollients and natural oils, so it is a fantastic moisturizer. If you suffer from dry, rough and flaky skin, chocolate is your ideal remedy.


There are just too many compelling reasons not to choose vegan chocolate. It doesn’t mean you have to embrace a vegan diet, rather just to take advantage of its nourishing health values for the body and skin. Plus you will play a role in creating a more sustainable world.

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