The Ozone Therapy helped improve my breathing.”– Max, Germany


Ozone Therapy induces a deeply relaxed state by utilising a safe and non-invasive approach.

Ozone Therapy is a medical therapy that has been used worldwide for over 50 years.

Ozone is introduced into the ear canals which is especially good for respiratory problems or in the armpit for the lymph system.

The treament process is assisted by the use of a “Chi machine”, which gently rocks and aligns the body allowing the ozone to be easily absorbed by the blood stream.

The following benefits have been recognised in Ozone Therapy

1. Anti-Aging
2. Increases Cell Oxygenation. It has been proven that cancer and disease grow in poorly oxygenated tissues in your body.
3. Boosts Your Immune System.
4. Increases Energy Production in Your Cells.
5. Increases the Activity of Your “Anti-Oxidant Enzyme Systems”. This means ozone will reduce the oxidation levels of your body.
6. Reduces the Level of Acidity in Your Body. Never mind the Alkaline Water, use Ozone!
7. Kills Bacteria and Viruses – and virtually all other disease-causing organisms on contact.