Ground Alpha Alignment

What is Ground Alpha Alignment?

It unlocks one’s self-healing potential and awakens the energy body. Ground Alpha Alignment clears physical, mental, emotional, energetic blockages and beyond, through a series of touch-based alignments performed on the person. Because the channels are cleared, energy can now flow smoothly again throughout the various dimensions of the person’s system.

During and after a session, one shall experience a state of relaxation, calmness, clarity and awareness, primed for optimal healing capacity.

Being aligned, one lets awareness work in a very real, balanced and natural way that can stop one from over-reacting to the subtle, negative stresses of life and retreating into a brain-locked detached world.

The Ground Alpha Alignment Technique is unique and different. It is something to be experienced, it is powerful – and it works!

Benefits of Ground Alpha Alignment:

One experiences a multidimensional existence through the subtle layers of the self and relaxes into one’s inner coordinates. The person shall feel empowered to improve and be in harmony with life.

On a physical level:

  • Reduces tensions
  • Improves posture
  • Fluidifies the movements
  • Makes the body feel lighter
  • Smoothens breathing
  • Deepens the senses
  • Overall sense of better well-being arises

Who is Indra?

A Jakarta-born bodyworker and Yoga teacher who has dedicated himself to uncover the true nature of existence. Indra continuously pays deep attention to the subtleties and nuances of life to awaken the answers and gifts that already exist within him. With that growing insight, he helps others to step into their power and be their own healer.


90 mins | Rp 2,600,000
price excludes tax


More Info and Booking

Kindly ask our Reception team at [email protected] or Whatsapp +62811 3870 0676

or contact our Healer via e-mail : [email protected]

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What people say …


“I did two sessions with Indra. He has a very unique approach.

I could both times go very deep into my true self and new doors were opened for me that I could have never imagined before. He is very intuitive in what he is talking and doing. In every moment it felt fpot on. I felt also very safe around him.

I am very thankful for these experiences and highly recommend his sessions.

–  Valentin R


“I have done a session and was amazing, the focus was learning to become aware of energies inside my body and move it, topic that has always been difficult for me. He was holding a safe and relaxed space. After i was able to feel energy and also i am able to do it alone, i would say he unlocked the faucet. Thank you very much, I’m grateful.”

– Paolo P